Shove a pie down your piehole today!

The things people say online are very funny.  Of course, sometimes they’re mean-spirited, but that doesn’t mean that we always need to be offended.  If we take offence at every small thing, then we have very little time to be cheerful and positive : )

Some of the funniest comments I read involve shoving things down our pieholes.  Well, since we have pieholes, then what better to do than shovel pies down them? πŸ˜›  Pies are frequently made using fresh ingredients, such as potatoes, chicken, veggies or other forms of meat.

Because of this, individual pies actually make very nutritious snacks!  I love pies and eat them when the munchies hit or when I’m on the verge of getting hangry πŸ˜›  I also don’t want to fall into the stereotype of being a hangry thin person; it’s most unpleasant πŸ˜›





It’s fun to peel back the pastry and show people the mouthwatering ingredients of a pie.  And yes, the last photo is a curry chicken pie and I eat them!  On those days when I happen to be extra fidgety or restless from stress, my body burns those calories extremely fast and, as a result, I crave foooooood.

As you can see in this blog, maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t mean starvation diets.  It doesn’t involve obsessive calorie counting (those apps aren’t always accurate anyway).  Gym memberships are not compulsory.  I’d be just as miserable as any fat activist if I had to be so restrictive with my food and exercise!


As a normal, average woman who also has to work a full-time job, who needs to apportion time for everything from the home to my man to my family and friends, I still manage to move about enough to maintain a healthy weight such that I don’t need to read food labels and be obsessive about what I eat.

It’s not a life of torment like how the body positive community claim.  Don’t believe their lies.  Do something good for yourself and develop your own body positive image today.

And while you’re at it, shove a delicious and nutritious pie down that piehole of yours πŸ˜›

Wishing you fun,



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