A little effort goes a long way

Frequently, the meanest women are those who’re sloppy and don’t make an effort to take care of themselves.  They don’t dress with taste, they don’t groom and they turn around and resent other ladies who bother.  Not all of us are born breathtakingly beautiful; not all of us will end up supermodels and that’s perfectly fine.

But I firmly believe in taking care of myself because if I can’t even get myself right, how can I go on to get other things right?  This is what social justice warriors and modern feminists don’t understand.  Don’t bother with the complicated if you can’t even grasp the basics and we, ourselves, are the most basic of all.

It depends on what our beliefs are.  Some think that appearance shouldn’t matter and other qualities more than make up for any lack of grooming.  They have the right to think what they want to think.  I beg to differ.  Taking care of myself lets me feel confident enough to face the day.


I don’t like caking my face with makeup, but the basics are a must.  Flattering clothes?  Yes yes yes!!!  Vanity is still part and parcel of being a woman after all.  I try to maintain a healthy weight and get a decent dose of sun.  Just a little effort, but it makes the day so much easier!

The reality is, appearance does count somewhat.  If we’re dressed in a sloppy manner, we can’t complain that we receive lousy service.  Strangers are going to size us up based on how we present ourselves.  So far, service staff are friendly and obliging.

To each his or her own.  I will stick to at least some grooming before stepping out the door : )

Wishing you fun,



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