Ladies’ night at Hideyamamoto

From time to time, Mummy and I have ladies’ night.  Dad and Bro are chained in the dungeons of our castle on these occasions, banned from joining us 😛  Since we love Japanese food, we decided on Hideyamamoto at Level 2, Marina Bay Sands.


The restaurant may be somewhat more pricey than other Japanese joints, but you get what you pay for.  Besides a sophisticated ambience and more refined diners, the food is of better quality and presented as works of art.  Dishes are all the more appetising as a result!


For the appetiser, I had the utterly divine agedeshi tofu.  This came with tender baby veggies delicately simmered in a light soy broth.  The body positive community couldn’t be more wrong when they claim that healthy eating is torment and boring.  There’s so much variety and we can taste the freshness of the ingredients!


Next was the shrimp and veggie tempura.  Unlike other restaurants, Hideyamamoto did not coat the ingredients with too much batter.  The dish wasn’t too greasy, yet very crispy.  It was so delicious!  And Japanese rice?  Heavenly with the food!

Ladies’ nights with Mummy are fun times, with much laughter and exchanging our news.  Now that she’s retired, she enjoys hanging out with friends and our other relatives.  I heard about 2 uncles who’re rather sick – 1 terminally ill.  Given that both are in their early 80s (Mummy is child #10, the youngest), I guess eventually, everything starts to wear out during old age.

What is most important is keeping their remaining days with us as happy and peaceful as possible.

Wishing you fun,



Strong and independent women and popularity

I’ve come across several ‘strong and independent’ women (not referring to the social justice warriors online) – Lindy, Yenny, Amanda and Joanne, just to name a few.  They seem to have something in common; people around them start to distance themselves or shun them after a while.

I had a chat with Lovie after Joanne went berzerk at me.  She confessed that Joanne’s personality was ‘too strong’ for her and she didn’t know how to deal with her.  Well, I tend to feel the same way towards these aggressive women; most of us feminine women do.

Lindy made many enemies.  She was disrespectful towards people and, like Joanne, Amanda and Yenny, had to have everything her way, OR ELSE!!!  So we were quite relieved when we no longer had to interact with her as she was generally very unpleasant.


Pleasant and horrid just don’t make a good match.

Yes, perhaps these strong and independent women succeed at bulldozing and getting their way all the time.  However, they pay a huge price for that.  They lose the respect people had for them.  They lose friends.  Their lives are filled with fights and arguments.

It makes me wonder whether this is the reason some of the social justice warriors and modern feminists end up bitter and angry hags.  People dislike them, but instead of taking a good long look at themselves, they simply blame everyone else for not liking them.

So when it comes to having my way all the time OR compromising and enjoying pleasant interactions with others, the choice is plain obvious.  I’m a much happier and positive person because days are filled with more smiles and giggles than unnecessary battles : )

Wishing you fun,


Yes, you can eat that burger

An example of the lies some of the body positive community members spread about maintaining a healthy weight and eating proper food is, it is boring or torment.  They allege that you can no longer have burgers nor pizza.  Fast food is banned forever.  Well, I’m going to show you that it isn’t true.

I’m also going to show you that embracing a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to give up your favourite treats.  You can still eat them, except in moderation instead of in excess.  I have these sinfully good munchies on weekends, which happen to be my cheat days.


KFC crispy fried chicken


Chicken Up fried chicken


Hawker centre fried chicken

I can’t give up fried chicken.  At least not now.  That crisp tasty batter, the juicy tender meat underneath.  My beautician, Cherry and I eat this and we don’t worry about becoming obese.  My beautician and I have it with beer too!



YOLO Burger from Fatboy Burger

Know what is in this burger?  Lamb patty, spam, fried egg, mozzarella cheese sticks, caramelised onions.  And yuppers, with a side of fries.  And there’s no way I’m giving this up.


My favourite breakfast.  And yes, I had a MacDonald’s Big Breakfast AND a breakfast wrap!  Do you think I’m genetically blessed?  Hell no!  Next time, I’ll share a photo of my fatter days.  But did I need to give this up to be slim?  Nope!

And finally… a snack.



I love potatoes.  They’re delicious and they’re great snacks!  I did not need to give up fries when I embraced a healthier way of life and neither do you.


Eat all that and still wear a bodycon dress?  Yes, it IS possible.

You can have fast food and junk food in moderation.  They’re not banned from your lives forever when you embark on your health journey.  You aren’t doing yourselves any favours if you listen to the lies those body positive activists spread.  There’re people who’re still enjoying fast food and treats and still got healthy.

Give it a shot.  What have you got to lose?

Wishing you fun,


My project – nursing a friend back to health

Leonard has been a friend for 25 years.  He’s been like a big brother to me.  Unfortunately, for over 5 years now, his health steadily deteriorated.  The hospitals conducted various tests but didn’t manage to come up with a proper diagnosis.

First, they suspected he had Parkinson’s Disease.  Then they said he had a faulty pituary gland.  Afterwards, they informed him it could be neurological.  At the time, I did suggest an overhaul of his lifestyle, but he was resistant to it.  Fast forward years and being warded for Bell’s Palsy later, he was finally open to let me help him.

I decided to help him the same way I did with my family members, Cherry, my beautician and colleague.  Although he asked many questions, I refused to overwhelm him with too much information.  Instead, I shared a few tips, then we will meet up every few weeks so that there is sufficient time for new habits to form.


I will be sharing Leonard’s progress in this blog so that, as he improves, you readers will understand that there’s always hope for everyone.  I can’t guarantee results, because much of it depends on his own inner strength, determination and willpower to stick with the programme.

But if he should succeed, then it’s just another uplifting success story that spreads positivity instead of the negativity that the body positive community loves to perpetuate.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Nobody wants to see an old friend suffer so much.

Leonard used to have fainting spells.  His body wasted away.  He has sleep apnea.  He had Bell’s Palsy.  He’s been in and out of hospital and he’s only 40 years old.  Although my way of living isn’t a complete cure, it could possibly bring about sufficient improvement such that he enjoys a better quality life.

Journey with me, readers : )

Wishing you fun,


Eating late doesn’t cause obesity

You’ve heard it before.

‘Don’t eat after XXXpm.’

Together with many other so-called ‘rules’ of weight loss, they make for a very restricted life indeed.  In this entry, I’ll show you that I have suppers, often just before bedtime.  Sometimes, with beer! 😛  But I’m still far from obese and my weight is within the healthy range.


A bloody kilo of crayfish, eaten with beer in Batam.


Mixed veggies and cuttlefish


Salted egg yolk ribs


Salted fish with steamed pork and stewed chicken with Chinese sausage


Deep fried wantons


Baked ham with mozzarella and cheddar slices

You know the deal with suppers.  They’re eaten AFTER dinner and just before bedtime.  Since they’re frequently consumed with beer, you would expect that I’m the size of a barnyard animal by now.  But nope!  I’m still a size 0, i.e. the unrealistic expectations of beauty! 😛

Mind you, Cherry and my beautician aren’t afraid of having beer or wine late.  They’re not afraid of the late night munchies.  Granted, they cannot eat as much as I do, but they don’t need to eat proportions that equate to starving.  So here’s the secret – most of these foods are fresh.

You can have supper with beer and you still won’t develop the huge beer gut that people claim they have due to drinking.  Nope, it doesn’t work that way.  It has a lot to do with what you eat on a regular basis.  Are the rest of your meals balanced and healthy?

Let’s not forget, however, that I fidget A LOT.  It took Cherry and my beautician some time to consciously make fidgeting a part of their lives, because it was only in order to help them that I had to describe to them how often I fidget.  I will write about this in a later entry so that it hopefully helps people fight against the flab.

But what this post tells you is this.  What time you eat doesn’t matter.  It’s the food you eat and how much you move.  Don’t be afraid to eat late.  But make sure you move enough.

Wishing you fun,


Strop being a douche to fat people

I’m firmly against fat logic but I’ve also made my stand clear in this blog.  I’m wholly against the torment and humiliation of fat people.  As people, they deserve basic respect accorded to human beings.  Yet, recently, something happened to Amanda and it was truly horrifying.

Although Amanda was love scammed, she hadn’t given up hope of finding true love and getting married.  She still gave online dating another go.  Well, she shared her interaction with 2 dudes and the insults they hurled at her while they were conversing.

Ok, to be fair, Amanda wasn’t exactly nice to them.  Alright, she was a tad rude.  But she didn’t once call them names nor insult them.  What did the guys do?  One said she was an ugly woman.  The second told her she should be happy that he was willing to look beyond her ‘fat figure’.


Tsk tsk, you meanies!

Granted, I can understand if the lads were rude back, but to stoop to insults and humiliation was too much.  C’mon, just respond in the same curt manner that she did, if you must, but there’s no need to be so vicious when cutting a person down to size (figuratively speaking).

As mentioned in earlier posts, Amanda projects her negative body image issues and this, in addition to a very domineering personality, makes her very difficult to deal with and caused the end of many friendships, including ours.  However, not once did I ever insult her due to her weight.

There’re certain boundaries that normal human beings with any shred of decency won’t cross.  These guys definitely crossed the line and it ain’t nice at all.

Wishing you fun,


Buffet again at Saltwater Cafe

Kelly loves his buffets.  He’d wanted to go to Brazil Churrasco again, but I suggested some variety instead.  We headed to Saltwater Cafe where it isn’t so crowded.  Dressed in a pink cropped top from Neonmello and white skorts Cherry chose for me when we visited Malacca, I felt comfortably stylish : )


Cherry had grown a little chubby since returning to Cebu to visit her family.  Now that she’s back in Singapore, she’s returned to healthier eating habits and being more active in order to fit into the clothes I passed to her again.  Here she is in a top that was too big for me.


There was a hotel staff walking around the tables and giving kids free balloons.  Here’s angelic-looking (but a mischievous lil’ imp in disguise :P) Noe with her heart wand.


After 1 plate of seafood, I fell in love and returned time and again for second, third and more helpings! 😛  My man and the rest similarly helped themselves to the fresh and succulent shellfish.  We focused on those so much that we neglected to try the other dishes 😛


Without anyone to encourage unhealthy eating habits, Kelly ate like the rest of us – plenty of fresh food and little junk.  I hope that he manages to lose more weight as his health deteriorated as his belly grew.  He has to take high blood pressure pills and gets frequent headaches.  Cherry and I are worried that he may be at risk for a stroke.

Hopefully, it doesn’t take a serious health scare for him to take more action to get his weight in check.  I can share what I know, but it’s up to people whether or not they want to give it a try.  Cherry did and saw results, although she did lapse a little when she returned to the Philippines to visit family.  She’s now back on track.

My cousin, however, is a tad more resistant to change.  As family, we care about him not to give up but he has to want it enough to do something with the information that I’ve shared.

Wishing you fun,