Unfeminine social justice warriors

I used to think that radical feminists are the most annoying bunch of people until I came across the social justice warriors (‘SJWs’).  I blogged about 1 of them, nicknamed Triggly Puff, previously, so we have an idea of what the average SJW looks like and it ain’t pretty.

You can call me judgmental; I don’t care.  If somebody misbehaves and happens to look unkempt and slovenly, I’ll call it as such.  Unfortunately, quite many SJWs happen to spot a similar appearance to Miss Easily Triggered.  Their ’causes’ are more important than taking care of themselves.

Perhaps some may view this as shallow, but if we can’t even take care of something as basic as our appearance, how can we be trusted to take care of even more important matters?  Is this the reason the SJWs are easily triggered by the most trivial things most of us wouldn’t be offended by?


Are the American SJWs so preoccupied that they can’t even bother to groom before they step out of the house?  When I attended university, I never turned up at the campus wearing anything that resembled Triggly Puff’s outfit at The Triggering event!

When we look good, we feel good and, consequently, we’re good to others.  No wonder the fat feminists, SJWs and other horrible women out there are so bitter.  They can’t bother to dress properly.  How will they feel confident and radiant in their get up?

Dolling up is part and parcel of being a woman.  It’s no surprise that the SJWs are viewed as unfeminine.  That’s because that’s what they are!

Wishing you fun,



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