Eat those carbs!

So many people, when they try to lose weight, avoid carbohydrates altogether.  Can you imagine not having proper solid food to fill you up?  No rice.  No noodles.  No bread.  No potatoes.  Zilch.  Then they complain that they feel unwell, are lethargic and lack energy.

Well, that’s what they get when they don’t feed their bodies with adequate nutrients!  Carbs are fine!  They don’t make us fat, whereas consuming junk food does.  Not being active does.  Here’s a meal which my man bought me – lamb chops with onions.  The meal came with 2 side dishes and, knowing my love for potatoes, he chose a mashed potato with gravy and a baked one with sour cream!


It was so good, I finished off everything!  If carbs really make people obese, then why do many consume them and still manage to remain a healthy weight?  I adore meat and seafood.  I eat salads once a week (salad wraps count too, right? :P).  But I also can’t resist potatoes.  They taste far too good.

For the record, here are my stats.  5’4″, weigh between 110 – 120 lbs, BMI of between 19 – 21, permanent spine injury and recent shoulder ligament tear.  So tell me, do carbs cause obesity?  Logically, they don’t.  But unhealthy lifestyles do.


Staying active and eating fresh is key to keeping ourselves at a healthy weight.  I power walk.  I move about (and fidget) a lot.  It’s all free.  I don’t need to join the gym.  It pretty much blows all the excuses that the body positive community gives for not being able to lose the weight and keep it off out of the water.

There’s no need to be afraid of carbs.  They don’t deserve the bad rep!

Wishing you fun,



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