Desperation puts women at risk of love scams

Although Amanda and I are no longer in touch, we have mutual friends.  1 of them shared that she joined a dating website to try and find a partner, but ended up swindled.  At first glance, the handsome man was the signal that all her dreams had come true.


Amanda is 1 of those fat women who have oodles of confidence.  Thus, she also believes that she deserves the very best in terms of a partner.  The man should be ambitious, well to do, have a good job, be smart, etc etc etc.  This good-looking scammer claimed he drove a luxury car and drew a whopping salary.  He claimed to work in 1 of the largest banks in Hong Kong although he was from China.

Both of them started texting to get to know each other and the dude told Amanda all that she wanted to hear.  It wasn’t long before they began an online long distance relationship.  This was when he started telling her to invest in the finance products he was selling.

Although Amanda was hesitant, she was too smitten to listen to the little voice inside of her.  She also made plans to visit him in Hong Kong and bought the flight tickets.  But the visit never happened.  She found out she had been scammed.


Kissing dreams of love goodbye

Amanda filed a police report and cancelled her flight.  It was a costly lesson, but there’s something to be learnt.  Women who’re too desperate for love and attention are less discerning and, consequently, too gullible, leaving them vulnerable to dating scams.

Also, as a very intelligent lady told me once:

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Amanda was heartbroken over the episode.  Despite how nasty she got towards the end of our friendship, I sympathise with her plight.  Hopefully, by sharing her story, other women can avoid these cruel love cheats.

Wishing you fun,



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