Twinkle twinkle Little Twin Stars!

Yen Ling and I get along very well.  We believe in fairness and harmony and we bond over our great love – fashion!  Because our tastes are similar, we end up buying the same dress or other apparel unknowingly!  However, unlike people who’re wary of being caught in the same outfit as a friend or colleague, we create laughs in the office by arranging to wear the same thing! 😛


Because we’re so similar, some colleagues commented that we’re like twins!  So we jokingly referred to ourselves as the Little Twin Stars 😛  Whenever we wear the same item to work, it brings more fun and conversation.  Colleagues even offer to help us take photos together! 😛

When people are filled with confidence and positivity, they’re more concerned with making those around them feel at ease instead of expecting society to cater to them and their feelings.  They focus on creating a fun atmosphere instead of constantly grumbling and complaining.

This generates a good cycle because people like being around us and seek our company.  With us, they focus on happy thoughts rather than unpleasant ones.


Because we believe in having fun in everything we do, life becomes more interesting and meaningful.  From fashion to loved ones, family and friends to hobbies, it pays to enjoy every single moment and making an effort to improve on ourselves.  Life is boring if we stay stagnant.

So yes, Yen Ling and I are the Little Twin Stars now.  Guess what?  We do plan to wear another coordinating outfit again sometime later 😛  The office needs some cheer from time to time : )

Wishing you fun,



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