You don’t need perfection; you just need to do your best

Nothing annoys offendatrons more than women who’ve put in the effort to eat right and be physically active being proud of their physiques.  It doesn’t matter to us that we aren’t perfect.  Knowing that we have the discipline and determination to maintain our bodies is enough.

I’ve been very open in this blog.  If I were that obsessed with perfection, I would’ve photoshopped my photos before posting them.  Instead, I’ve left them as is to show you that when you’ve done your level best, you’ll naturally be confident and nobody can take that away from you.


I have my fair share of shamers.  Oh come now, do you honestly think I don’t? 😛  Yet, their vicious words don’t dampen my confidence at all.  My spine injury is tremendously painful and I can’t do all the strenuous things that fitness professionals do.  Add to that the recent shoulder ligament tear and it places even more fitness restrictions.

I’ve never claimed to be perfect.  In fact, in past entries, I’d highlighted that my body is far from perfect.  But I’m proud of it all the same because I’d achieved it despite the injuries and, mind you, the spine injury has been with me since I was 17 years old!


So if I can be body positive despite the shamers and haters, why can’t you?  This is especially so if you don’t have any injuries inhibiting you from being more active.  There’re so many things that I can’t do, but you can!  If I can be relatively thin and toned, you can do much better!

There’s no reason to limit yourself.  There’s no reason to buy the lies some body positive activists spread.  There’s no reason to languish in mediocrity.  You admire handicapped athletes.  So do I.  In fact, they’re my inspiration.  If they can do wonders despite their handicap, there’s no excuse for me to not do even better.

For every sob story we hear, there’re always worse ones.  For every single misfortune we suffer, there’re people worse off.  So why should we throw pity parties all the time?  I’d rather be a winner any day.

Wishing you fun,



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