Unhealthy snacks – gotta live a little!

I mentioned at the start of the year that adopting a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of the sinful and, often, most delicious things in life.  You can enjoy your beer or champagne.  You can have dessert.  You can also eat crunchy fried food that is utterly yummy!!!




Fried chicken?  Hell yeah!  MacWings, truffle fried chicken from KFC and prawn paste chicken go well with beer and we eat them!  Nothing like munching on the crisp batter and skin, then sinking our teeth into the juicy, tender and flavourful meat beneath.  You DO NOT need to give this up.




Cheesy hotdogs, ham and cheese and greasy spam?  Sure, why not?  Again, these are heavenly with beer and when eaten in moderation, they make life worth living (and enjoying!) 😛  We have these as our treats from time to time and we’re not obese.  You DO NOT need to give this up.



And the 2 most sinful but most delicious of all?  Deep fried chicken and pork skins and deep fried fish skin with salted egg yolk.  If you adopt a healthier lifestyle, does it mean you have to deprive yourself of tasty snacks and lead a life of deprivation?  Not at all!  You DO NOT need to give this up.


You can still consume unhealthy food and not have a huge belly!  You can still consume beer and not have an unsightly beer gut.  But leading a healthier lifestyle WILL make you feel tons better, fresher and more energetic.  So what are you waiting for, really?  Get going!

Wishing you fun,



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