You’re so hot!

When Ashley Graham made it to the front covers of Sports Illustrated and Maxim, the body positive community cheered.  Congratulations poured in from plus size women all over the world.  To them, Ashley Graham represented the hope that heavier bodies would be more represented in the media.

In the comments section of various articles and in forums, men made their opinions known about the curvasexalicious beauty.  Some found her acceptably attractive; many others didn’t.  It was interesting to read what social justice warriors and fat feminists try so desperately to censor.

For the record, this is the champion of plus size women.

Her confidence is amazing.  And…………….. such feminine, tiny feet!

Plus size women rushed to Ashley Graham’s defense when any man dares to disparage the curvy model’s figure.  They screamed and insulted those men, but the men stood their ground firmly and defended their opinions.  After all, everyone has our own tastes and preferences.


At the end of the day, all sorts of people exist and the SJWs and fat feminists would do well do accept that just as they lobby for fat acceptance.  Some men find plus size women hot.  Some men strictly prefer BBWs.  Some men prefer waifs.  Many men prefer a healthy weight.

But really, if we’re confident after having made an effort to treat our bodies well, who cares?  There’s someone for everyone and despite the disparaging remarks made against size 0 bodies, I still receive compliments about having a hot physique on a regular basis and it helps me feel good everyday.

This is what body positivity should really be about, isn’t it?

Wishing you fun,



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