Tell body positive activists what they wanna hear!

I was chatting with my man at the balcony over the weekend and I told him about the body positive women screaming at men who dare to say that they don’t find fat/obese bodies attractive.  They insist that they be found equally as beautiful, attractive and sexy as thin women.

After laughing, he scoffed, “Why don’t the men just tell them what they want to hear?  Yes, they’re sooooooooooooooo beautiful.”  I then pointed out the repercussions.  If these men happen to prefer slender to fat, then saying this would encourage fat women to hit on them instead of those they’re attracted to.

I can see why he suggested the other men tell the body positive community what they want to hear.  Then they won’t be verbally abused and crucified simply for stating that they don’t find fat/obese bodies attractive.  And they won’t be subjected to doxxing for that either.


However, I beg to differ.  Everyone has differing tastes; some men prefer bigger women and some don’t.  If all men were to declare that fat bodies are as attractive to them as thin bodies, they’ll only invite unwanted advances.  Worse, they’ll have to reject these innocent women and, consequently, parties get hurt and embarrassed.

That’s why I don’t understand why some fat/obese women are against men stating upfront that they prefer women who take care of themselves, i.e. physically active and slender.  It saves these larger ladies heartache and time because they can then focus on those who prefer their body types.  Everybody wins!

Well, my man and I will just have to agree to disagree like adults.  He sure is grateful I haven’t gone all social justice warrior on him and yelled at him for preferring to be with a slender woman who’s active.  He’d dump any social justice warrior, fat or thin, in a heartbeat!

Wishing you fun,



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