Healthy, glowing skin

I started the health journey in 2008 after my father’s triple bypass.  Nearly losing him was a wake-up call that, if I wanted to be around longer for my loved ones, I needed to embark on a mission to lead a more wholesome lifestyle.  It started with baby steps.  I gradually limited junk food to weekends and started eating balanced meals comprising fresh food.  Then I moved on to getting regular exercise.

Over the years, my body has reaped the benefits of these efforts.  I started noticing these positive changes when I no longer felt exhausted after a full day at work.  I used to need a cat nap on the way home.  Now I don’t.  I used to feel sleepy after lunch.  Now I’m more efficient in the afternoons.

I get better quality sleep and feel more energetic than when I started this health journey.  Not only that, my skin cleared up!  There are far less frequent zit breakouts, my skin is far more supple and radiant.  My flesh is tighter and firmer rather than doughy and pasty.


Because of the healthier lifestyle, I don’t need to wear heavy makeup.  It lets my skin breathe and creates an even more positive cycle.  All those cosmetic tutorials in Youtube?  I don’t bother to watch them.  Why cake my face with all that warpaint and mask a healthy glow?

Sure, I’m still vain and want to groom, but it’s easy to stick to the basics.  Rather than spend hours on generous coats of mascara and sticking on false eyelashes, I can get ready much more quickly.  Time management is also better when there’s the energy to get things done faster : )

Thus, although there’re many body positive articles disparaging healthy eating and claiming that there’re no good and bad foods, we’ll just have to agree to disagree.  Many others like me have embarked on a health journey and we’ve reaped enough benefits to know otherwise.

Wishing you fun,



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