Clothes for skinny minnies – horizontal stripes!

Stripes are the rage now, especially in our region.  I’ve bought my fair share of them.  In fact, probably too many striped bodycon dresses 😛  Still, although fashion experts warn about the widening effect of horizontal stripes, they’re one of the hottest patterns now!


I need to stop and focus on other fashion trends, but stripes will always add some interest to any outfit.  Check out these hot dresses from MDS and drool over their impossibly sassy, flirty and sexy designs!

I’m a huge fan of bodycon anything!

Western guys have complimented my dress sense, so possibly I’m onto something! 😛

I bought the last dress and wore it to the office with Yen Ling, who bought it in a different colour! 😛  Promise to post this entry soon since we had quite a bit of fun at work dressing as twins 😛

If you haven’t yet summoned up the courage to wear horizontal stripes, I say, go for it!

Wishing you fun,



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