A spicy meal

My man loves spicy food.  He even eats chopped chilli padi with his meat sometimes! :O  After I pointed out that eating too much of it would damage his stomach lining, he slowly stopped, but we still have a spicy dish from time to time.  Over the weekend, he had such a craving for spicy food, he went a tad crazy buying the dishes!


Assam fish

Curries, assam and other spicy gravies are fantastic with rice!  We happily devoured these dishes and cooled ourselves down with beer.  It was a very hot day after all.  With our mouths on fire, we watched the latest Jurassic Park DVD.  How realistic the dinosaurs looked!


Sambal prawns and brinjal

Eaten in moderation, chillis and spices are good for us.  They help drive up our metabolism, which causes our bodies to burn more calories.  As with everything, don’t over-consume, otherwise it damages the stomach lining and may even cause gastritis.  Once in a while is fine.


Mutton rendang

We love our red meat.  In this blog, I’ve shown you that I eat it regularly.  Some folks shun red meat totally and guess what?  They don’t have the same radiant complexions as people who consume them regularly.  Perhaps they don’t understand what it means by ‘moderation’?


Veggie curry

As you can see, we do eat, in decent quantities.  We don’t shun any particular food group, but most of our food is fresh, especially on weekdays.  I don’t constantly eat salads, but on a weekly basis, yes, I do have them.  All one needs to do is to eat balanced meals and feed our bodies with the nutrients required to remain energetic and active.

That’s it.  You can do it.  The pounds will gradually peel off without you even realising until your clothes start to feel loose!  You’ll also realise how amazing you start to feel because your body is cleansed from the toxins from junk food.  After your tastebuds adapt to it, you’ll not miss junk food like you thought you would.

Wishing you fun,



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