Totally carnivorous at Brazil Churrasco!

My cousin, Kelly, had a craving for meat.  A LOT of meat.  At Brazil Churrasco, waiters make their rounds carrying an assortment of meat – lamb, beef, chicken, smoked duck and fish – which they sliced for customers.  It was my first time there although I’d heard of the restaurant and wanted to try the food.


Silly me wore a very fitted bodycon dress with cut-outs from MDS but I didn’t want to risk flaunting a huge belly after the meal in a cropped top 😛  Come to think of it, a bodycon wasn’t any better 😛  Thankfully, the stomach didn’t bulge very much 😛


We started relatively healthy.  I love pumpkin and couldn’t resist the tender, sweet veggie!  And then came the meats.  I’d hoped to show you how much I ate, but the meat just kept coming.  So after a few shots, I gave up and simply ate after the waiters sliced more meat onto my plate.





We ate so much, it was hard to breathe after our meal!  But we had a great time indulging in all those delicious, juicy and tender meats.  Thank goodness it was all fresh food, or I would’ve felt even more bloated.  There wasn’t room for dessert at all!  Not even the roasted pineapple, dang! :/

We’re heading back again once we’ve eaten at other buffet restaurants.  It’s definitely a restaurant I’ll keep in mind when I crave meat again : )

Wishing you fun,



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