Women of all sizes dare to wear red!

Many people avoid red since it’s a flamboyant colour.  However, with the body positive moment, more and more women are embracing this bold and passionate colour.  During National Day, Singaporeans took the opportunity to don red and/or white to honour the colours of our national flag.


You know what’s even better?  Seeing heavy women daring to give this attention-grabbing hue a try despite being warned by fashion police not to.

Anyone can wear red and feel like a sultry, hot mama!

Yes, I agree that beauty standards are a must and we should follow them, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take risks once in a while.  If the fashion suits us, we can embrace them since they make us feel like a million bucks.  I love red, including red shoes, bags and belts!


As this fat woman shows, red isn’t just for slim lasses.  Heavy women can wear red and look presentable as long as they know what cutting suits them best.  So add some red to your wardrobe today!  If you’re still uncomfortable with the idea, try a red bag, belt or shoes!

All women deserve to feel va va voom once in a while.  So why not don 1 of the sexiest colours, ever?

Wishing you fun,



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