Offended an Offendatron

It happened to Maria Kang.  It happened to Abby Pell.  2 well known fitness professionals were torn to shreds by their jealous haters.  The offendatrons unsheathed their claws and merrily attacked the 2 slender women for daring to be proud of their hard work and physiques.

But who would’ve thought it would happen to a normal woman like me?  Someone who’s unashamedly transparent about her injuries and the limitations they impose on her, someone who has time constraints and works full time?  Well, never say never πŸ˜›

Because I got an email notifying me of an offendatron huffing and puffing away at my entry about Fat Chick Complex.  Something about my past experiences triggered a rage and, as expected, out came the usual insults, blah blah blah *yawn*


I treated the offendatron the exact same way as I did another shamer – sent the garbage she spewed to trash without even dignifying her with a reply.  Then I shared what she said with my man and we had a laugh.  She must have had a screw loose somewhere to be offended by somebody’s life experiences πŸ˜›

Apparently, the offendatron cannot understand how somebody could keep a blog like this.  Well, since what I write here helps people and I’ve certainly achieved success when it comes to teaching people how to lose weight in a healthy manner, I don’t see why not πŸ˜›  At least it beats spending time online being perpetually offended πŸ˜›

There’re no safe spaces on the internet and I’m well aware that there’s a risk that I’ll come across some haters, shamers and offendatrons.  So be it.  If I were scared, if I didn’t stand by my words, I wouldn’t be keeping this blog.  Truth be told, they do provide some entertainment πŸ˜›

Wishing you fun,



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