Losers are a bunch of stupid crabs

Previously, I wrote about the difference between a winner’s mentality versus that of a loser’s.  Let’s take a look at what losers do in detail and their possible thought processes and motivations for doing what they do.

Have you ever tried to challenge yourself to do better?  Or attempted to make positive changes to your life?  While you’re doing it, did you have people telling you garbage such as not to waste time or your effort because it’s impossible?  Did you have people try to sabotage your attempts?  Did you have people try to steer you off the winner’s path you chose?

You know why they try to dissuade you from trying?  It’s because they’re afraid you’ll succeed where they failed.  Take body positive activists for example.  They frantically try to discourage you from going for bariatric surgery.  They keep emphasising that diets don’t work.  They claim that healthy eating is boring.  They claim that nobody can keep the weight loss off successfully.


Because they failed, they don’t want anyone else to succeed or it’ll hurt their delicate fee fees.  Have you seen crabs in a tank or in a bucket?  1 crab tries to climb out and escape and the rest try to pull it down to their level.  This is the same with the body positive community.

Only losers will want to hold you back from doing things to challenge yourself and better your life.  The solution?  Ditch them!  Even if it means shutting the door to friendships built over years.  True friends will encourage practices that benefit you, not those that harm you.  True friends don’t sabotage you nor ask you to eat that cheeseburger.

Along your journey or endeavour, you’ll meet more like-minded people who’ll provide you with support and encouragement.  They’ll celebrate your milestones, achievements and successes with you.  These new friends are likely winners in their own right.  Why would you want losers for friends when you can embrace the winners?

Food for thought : )

Wishing you fun,



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