Are you suffering from fat chick complex?

In a previous entry, I wrote about how my friendship with Ms C ended.  It was a pity, but it also wasn’t the first time a friendship with someone who has body image issues ended.  Amanda, another fat friend who I reached out to in kindness ended up turning mean as well, simply because she was competitive for men’s attention.

Because I understand their lack of confidence, I was normally happy to take a backseat and allow them to flirt with our male companions.  I still am; nothing has changed.  It’s just a pity that they projected their own poor body image issues onto me and ruined what otherwise were really pleasant friendships.

My man was right in his assessment of Ms C and Amanda; they don’t have many friends.  Sure, they may have acquaintances, but few enjoy hanging out with them.  He warned me about them but I couldn’t help feeling sorry for them at the time.  They were so lonely.


Happily, I still maintain good friendships with other heavy people.  They’re easygoing and kind souls who possess a healthy self esteem.  Sure, they poke fun at themselves sometimes but mostly, their weight hardly comes up during our frequent interactions.  They’re such a joy to be around.

I’ve never been 1 of those who enjoy tormenting and humiliating fat people.  They may be larger, they may be slower, but they’re still living and breathing human beings.  Thus, they deserve the same respect and courtesy as anyone else.  If they don’t behave obnoxiously, why should they have to suffer indignity?


Amanda and Ms C are similar in personality to Ragen Chastain, Fat Heffalump and Melissa McEwan.  They have such low body confidence that they project their issues onto everyone else around them and end up alienating people.  They’re demanding and unreasonable too.

So, to the body positive community: check your fat chick complexes.  Not everyone is a hater.  Not everyone is a shamer.  People of a healthy weight can be compassionate, empathetic and kind too.  But you need to be able to see that.

Wishing you fun,



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