Variety is the spice of life

My very young temp, Eunice, was shocked at the sheer numbers of clothes and shoes I have.  “OMG your collection is MASSIVE!” she screamed.  When she used to work with us, she hardly saw Yen Ling or me repeat an outfit or a dress.  Perhaps we do, many months or a year later 😛

Because we’re hopeless fashion addicts, my fellow vainpot and I shop up a storm.  It’s also our way of releasing stress from work.  Dressing up everyday and checking out what each other is wearing helps to make time spent in the office much more fun and interesting.  Of course, we didn’t realise that colleagues were checking out our styles too! 😛

From trumpet skirts to bodycon dresses to cut-in tops and much more, we buy and wear them all!  Dressing up helps us feel our best each day and it’s very important that we do.  To those who value comfort over style, we’re a tad too shallow, but whatever rocks everyone’s boats, no? : )


Heck, if I could wear my sexy skorts to work, I sure as hell would! 😛  But, of course, there’s a time and place for everything 😛  Because Yen Ling and I vary what we wear daily, we’re hardly ever bored.  There’s always something new to match a pretty top with and the effect is, the whole thing looks like a brand new outfit even if we’d worn either the top or bottom before!

For example, this skirt isn’t entirely new.  I’ve shown it in past entries sometime back.  But when paired with a navy bandage top instead of the white peplum, it looks completely different.  I love this skirt so much that I bought it in white, yellow and fuschia as well! 😛

Instead of wearing the same thing day in and out, experimenting with new combinations of separates or dresses with shoes keeps our looks fresh and exciting.  That is because we’re mad about fashion.  What about you? : )

Wishing you fun,



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