Monster Curry! :D

After being together for some time, it’s easy for many of us to forget how fun dates can be.  So after some time away, my man was keen to take me out.  It’s fun to dress up, even if it’s to go someplace casual : )  So it was Monster Curry for us; a Japanese fastfood joint which serves spicy delights! šŸ˜€


Before stepping out, my man laughingly obliged when I asked him to take yet another photo.  After all, I’ve always been very vain šŸ˜›

So we headed to Parkway Parade, where there is a newly opened Monster Curry outlet.  Boy did the plastic food displays look tasty!  Our mouths watered as we placed our orders.  I asked for the prawn tempura and chicken karaage with 2 different types of eggs – omelette and onsen tamago – and cheese.


Unfortunately, I ordered the super-sized portion!  It was huge and, buried underneath the thick curry sauce, was a huge mound of rice!  I screamed that I wouldn’t be able to finish it, but the food was so good that I lapped up every single bit of the dish!


The picture doesn’t capture just how much food there was.  My hand was too far away from the plate and appeared bigger than it should be.  Nevertheless, the curry was so delicious that those calories were worthwhile šŸ˜›  Even if it meant having to walk around afterwards to hasten digestion šŸ˜›


Slender women enjoy our sinful food.  It’s just that we don’t eat like this all the time.  Weekend indulgences are fine and save us from feeling like healthy eating is torment.  I love my guilty delights, but healthy food still makes me feel fresh and energetic : )

I really enjoy our dates!

Wishing you fun,



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