Fish curry gathering!

The MRS gang – Jasmine, XiaoQi, Sugen, Felix and I – caught up over an incredibly tasty and filling lunch!  Sharon couldn’t join us as her dad was in town and we missed her, but we had a great time nonetheless.  It’s lovely to sit down to a delicious meal together and what better to eat than fish curry? 😀


With muh laydehs.


With muh boys.

It was great to see them again.  We’re pretty tight, especially Felix and me.  He’s like a big brother and always looks out for me whenever he can.  I appreciate that.  Sugen was charming as usual and gave me a nice long hug after we haven’t seen each other for months!



We caught up at Ocean Fish Curry.  They have branches in Central and East Singapore which are crowded with hungry customers salivating at the thought of delicious, spicy curry gravy and fragrant white rice!  Fortunately, Jas went the day before and reserved a table for us 😛


We had the famous curry, veggies, fried fish and otah.  I forgot to photograph the prawn paste chicken, but it was sooooooo good, I had multiple pieces 😛


Hungry hungry Felix, tucking tucking in!


If we’re good people, we won’t lack company whenever we want it.  I suppose people like Amanda have to do many things alone because people don’t look forward to spending time with her as much.  It’s not her size but her personality which sucks.

Still, we had a lovely time.  Looking forward to more gatherings! : )

Wishing you fun,



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