Size 0 = anorexic?

If you have the time, browse through the comments section of online body positive articles, Reddit and Voat.  When I’ve had a long day at work, reading about what people say makes for very entertaining me time : )  Currently, body positivity is all the rage.  Every other day, there’s an article, blog post or meme being circulated, telling women to love their bodies.

Nothing wrong with that, of course.  It’s good for women to develop confidence.  This is the only way they can weather some of the blunt comments made about their physiques by those who don’t appreciate it.  After all, if we post pictures on social media platforms with very high traffic, we should be prepared that not everybody will find our figures attractive.

What is most amusing, however, is when the obese community try to brainwash men by saying that fat bodies in the media are more attractive than ‘anorexic size 0 models’.  It hurts many slender ladies who happen to wear a size 0 and below.  I still believe that nobody can make us feel shame unless we know we haven’t put in enough effort and lack confidence.  But many women haven’t gotten to this stage yet.  Fair enough.


What I can do is correct the perception that people who maintain a size 0 body are anorexic.  The food I typically eat is shared in this blog and the sheer quantity will send true anorexia or bulimia sufferers screaming in fear.  I’d also written about slender vs anorexic bodies before.

It’s not slim women’s fault that men prefer to see a waist instead of folds upon folds of mountainous flesh.  It’s not slim women’s fault that men drool over Victoria’s Secret models.  Smaller and larger women have their different sets of admirers.  Why be so greedy and want the whole pie?

I feel sorry for the women who expressed their pain at being skinny shamed but are flippantly told that being skinny shamed isn’t as bad as being fat shamed.  Their feelings of inadequacy are just as real as those who’ve been called shamus, landwhales and hambeasts.

I wish they could have more confidence in themselves.

Wishing you fun,



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