0Gluttony and activity in 1 weekend!

So last Saturday, we met up with K, Cherry and my niece for dinner.  After 3 months away, my man was keen to give them a treat.  We dressed for an al fresco seafood dinner at Changi.  Whilst waiting for K to pick us up, we whiled away the time by taking photos of each other 😛


The weather is like a furnace right now with intermittent storms, so once again, I chose a cropped top in a very lightweight knit, paired with floral skorts : )  Anything thicker or longer and I would probably wither away from the heat and humidity!


After I kicked off my shoes, it was his turn.  He was doing the cliched pose with hands placed at the waist.  We had fun trying out the different poses I suggested.  Finally, he declared that he liked this one!

K picked us up and we headed to Changi, but it was helluva crowded and there were no parking spaces, alas : (  We decided to have dinner at Canton Paradise, located at the basement of Katong I12 instead.  We ordered so much food, it was ridiculous!  We had no idea the portion sizes were that huge!!!


Sharks’ cartilage soup with shrimp dumplings and bok choy


Stirfried venison with onions


A whole roasted duck


Stirfried garoupa slices with spring onions


A medium seafood hor fun, which, although it looks smaller here, could feed 7 to 8 people!


Cherry and I shared the 3-egg Chinese spinach, since the guys and Noe wouldn’t touch it.

The food was way too much.  We forced ourselves to finish it and ended up moaning and groaning all the way to the car.  Because we ate so much on Saturday night, my man and I decided to get more exercise the next day.  In the morning, we walked to collect something from Cherry.

Next, we headed to the market to buy some food and groceries.  The final destination was to the supermart for a fresh fish.  We then went home to cook the fish for lunch.  The total time spent walking?  An hour and 20 minutes.  After a nap, I power walked over to my parents’ to visit my sick relative.

That was another 40 minutes.  All in all, I did 2 hours worth of walking on Sunday!  And the huge basketball which was my belly after dinner on Saturday?  Behold……..


Gone!  The flat tummy came back : )

So leading an active life really makes a difference in one’s weight.  If you really want it, you can achieve it.  C’mon, just do it already!

Wishing you fun,



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