I have a spine injury, a beach ready body and no excuse

Abby Pell landed in hot water in early 2015 when she posted stunning photos of her toned-as-hell stomach with the caption, “I have a 6 pack and no excuse”.  Next to her was her adorable daughter, pointing at her washboard tummy and looking shocked.  Out came the claws as the fat feminists tore Abby Pell to shreds online.

The fabulously fit mother clarified that she wasn’t fat shaming anyone.  Like Maria Kang before her, Abby Pell was only looking to inspire mothers to maintain their healthy lifestyles after delivering their precious bundles.  Is there anything wrong?  Not at all.  I don’t have a body like hers but oddly, I don’t feel shamed in the slightest.

A horrific auto accident which sent the car I was in spinning and left the rear right passenger door crumbled also resulted in a spine injury from which I never recovered.  The pain means I can’t lift heavy the way these fitness professionals advocate.  However, it isn’t an excuse to not at least try my level best to be active.


Like all normal women, I have a full-time job and other matters which take up a lot of my time.  I’ve described these before in past entries, so I won’t bore you by rehashing all those details.  Anyway, gym visits are embarrassingly rare – once a month at most – and that’s when my man and I have a weekend getaway and have time to visit the hotel gym 😛

Yes, I can’t do many strenuous activities that I used to love.  I can’t play basketball.  I can’t roller blade in case I fall and hurt my spine even more.  I can’t go kayaking with friends.  But I can swim (slowly :P) at the pool below my condo or at the swimming club of which I’m a member.  I can power walk at the park or just about anywhere.

These activities are FREE.  Even using a public pool doesn’t cost much.  And with a relatively flat stomach, I can wear a bikini or sexy swimsuit and be bloody confident.  That’s because I worked for this body and the spine injury wasn’t an excuse to lead a less quality life.

There is no excuse to be fat.  If we want something enough, we will find ways around any limitations.  What’s your excuse?

Wishing you fun,



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