#realbeauty – fashion is for everyone!

When I speak with bigger sized women, 1 of their concerns is that it’s difficult for them to find clothes they look good in.  In Asia, at least, fat acceptance (now disguised as ‘body positivity’) is less rampant, although more outspoken women are now advocating body confidence after coming into contact with the toxic body positive movement.

By ‘toxic’, I’m referring to the fatlogic lies some of the body positive activists spread, not the movement as a whole.  Although our obesity levels are still manageable and nowhere as uncontrollable as the west, the fact is, they are still rising (at a thankfully much slower level).

Because Asia, on the whole, is more sensible when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, it is still more difficult for overweight women to find clothes they feel comfortable and look good in.  Our societies are less regressive than those which have embraced body positivity aka fat acceptance.


Here’s where I agree with the plus size ladies.  I’m happy to see more retailers offering variety for overweight shoppers because they still need to dress up for work.  Previously, these hefty women could only choose from the most dowdy and frumpy designs which don’t flatter them in the slightest.

Retailers are starting to acknowledge this burgeoning market and catering to it.  I see some really stylish fashions for the plus size shoppers and feel happy for them.  They should feel good about themselves rather than resign themselves to looking like retired grandmothers (with all due respect to grandmothers, please).

Heavy women might not want to invest time and effort to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight, but it doesn’t mean they don’t wish to be well groomed.  Well, not all of them want to be slobs anyway.  Some of them take very good care of their appearance, like their skin and hair!

So you know what?  I’m glad that big sized women now have a wider variety of clothes to choose from.  I hope it helps them develop more confidence.

Wishing you fun,



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