Soups are super foods!

No matter how healthily we eat, there’re days where we use up so much energy, our tummies cry out to be fed.  There’s no use denying our bodies what they crave; after all, a hangry woman isn’t any fun 😛  What is a favourite food when the snack attack hits?  Well, soups!

Growing up in a Cantonese household run by a much beloved Cantonese grandma means soups were served at every meal.  Yes, every single meal.  To this day, I would rather order soup noodles than dry ones even though the dry version, with tasty sauces, is more delicious.



Soups are the best comfort food in the world!  When I was a kid and got drenched in the rain, grandma would make me shower and dry off, then serve me some piping hot soup to keep warm : )  So during winter when I spent my university years abroad, I always thought of her when I had soup!



Soups are usually made from fresh ingredients, except instant cup-a-soups and canned ones.  Thus, they’re incredibly healthy and filled with vitamins and minerals which benefit our bodies.




Not only that, soups are light enough so we’re not too full for our next main meal.  There’re so many types of soup to choose from that we’re spoiled for choice.  Different cuisines serve their own versions of tasty broths!



So the next time you’re hungry between meals, go grab a soup.  You can’t go wrong with a piping hot bowl of goodness!

Wishing you fun,



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