This goes with that

Matching our outfits and our accessories is a skill and, as with all skills, can be learnt.  Some do it better than others and end up stylists to the stars.  For the rest of us?  We just do the best we can.  I don’t do matchy matchy perfectly, but I do try to match the type of shoes with a dress, or a skirt with a top.

If we don’t give thought about coordinating our outfits, we might end up making fashion faux pas such as matching a Mickey Mouse satchel with a skater dress!  Don’t scoff; there’re people who actually did this and I was forwarded the photo for a laugh.

Yes, feminists and body positive activists may scream that people shouldn’t judge, but the fact is, there’s such a thing as aesthetics.  If we have an inkling at all about beauty standards, we don’t need to eff them.  Instead, we can embrace them to make ourselves feel attractive and confident!


It’s much more interesting being a woman because there’re so many types of apparel to choose from – dresses and separates.  Separates are a lot of fun because we can mix and match them for different outfits but dresses are a godsend on work days because they save so much time 😛

So how do you normally match your clothes?  Is fashion high on your list or do you, like the body positive community, eff those beauty standards and dress however you want, risk committing fashion faux pas, then scream that people shouldn’t judge?

As far as I’m concerned, I know what I prefer.

Wishing you fun,



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