An injury

In addition to a spine injury that’s pretty permanent after a horrific car crash during my teenage years, I had a fall during the Hari Raya public holiday and had a partial ligament tear in the right shoulder.  My man was driven frantic with worry and took me to the doctor.

After being bandaged up and my arm in a sling, we headed to a nearby MacDonald’s for lunch.  I tried the new salted egg yolk chicken burger and it was pretty good! 😛  In a way, it provided some comfort where the pain was concerned.  I was feeling so sorry for myself that day!


If the body positive activists are to be believed, having a spine injury AND this torn shoulder ligament should’ve caused me to balloon up to the size of a barnyard animal.  After all, it gives me the perfect excuse to rot on the couch and indulge in comfort food, right?

Nope!  Despite the injury, I was determined to maintain a healthy weight.  Although being injured makes exercise difficult, I still tried to do what I could to stay as active as possible in the meantime.  Continuing to maintain a relatively healthy diet helped too.


I remained and still remain, proudly, a size 0.  My injury hasn’t fully recovered yet, but it won’t stop me from keeping obesity at bay.  There’re serious illnesses, such as cancer, that can prevent one from being very active, but for other conditions like PCOS, there’s no excuse to gain 100 lbs (here’s looking at you, Whitney Thore!)

I’m just a normal woman like you.  What is preventing you from being as healthy as you can?  Whilst nothing in life is guaranteed, except, perhaps, change and the fact that time waits for no man, we can do our best to ensure the highest quality of life we possible can.  So why don’t we do that? : )

Wishing you fun,



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