Are you a clinging vine?

Hobbies and interests are very important.  They take up our time and help prevent us from being too clingy with friends, family and our special someones.  Amanda, like so many others, was a clinging vine.  She had absolutely no idea what it means to respect somebody else’s space!

Consequently, Amanda texted a tad too much, talked a tad too much, expected our time a tad too much, demanded attention a tad too much, wanted reassurance a tad too much and leaned on us a tad too much.  Alf and I told her we needed our space but she didn’t understand what we meant!

Perhaps it was because Amanda didn’t have many hobbies and interests.  Neither did she have many people glad to have her company.  As a result, she clung to whoever would give her some time or showed her kindness.  It drove us away after a while; we couldn’t breathe!


 There’re many things one can do to keep occupied.  Time flies when we keep ourselves busy.  In this manner, we don’t need to impose ourselves on somebody else and make them feel obliged to entertain us.  This is part of what independence is about as well; we can spend time on our own!

There’re places to visit and explore.  There’re so many different topics to read about – cultures, foreign lands, people, body positivity, women’s issues, fashion and recipes.  There’re sitcoms and serials for us to watch and, if those aren’t enough, documentaries and current affairs too.

There’re different people to chat with about different interests and different folks to meet.  We while away time when we’re exercising.  We use up time when we plan our outfits.  Then there’s the much-needed ‘me time’ as well.  Phew!  That’s a whole list right there!

So do yourselves and us a favour.  Develop some interests of your own.  Give us our space.  And perhaps our interaction could be healthier and more pleasant.

Wishing you fun,



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