Eat those salads!

Last year, I showed you that healthy eating doesn’t mean you need to eat miserable salads everyday for the rest of your life.  I haven’t written about salads in a long while, but it’s useful to keep readers who’re looking to lose weight on track by giving you little reminders from time to time.

For the record, I haven’t stopped eating salads! šŸ˜›  C’mon, I can’t be encouraging you to be healthy and not do the same with you, right?  Previously, I wrote that I eat salads once a week on Mondays, to recover from a weekend of indulgence (and what indulgences they are! :P).


Why you should continue eating those salads?  Because they’re extremely healthy and delicious.  Restaurants offer a variety of dressings and ingredients.  This means it’s difficult to get bored with this simple and versatile dish.  By the way, I love avocado!  They’re so creamy and delicious!


Moreover, after a weekend of pigging out, I can’t wait to cleanse my palate by munching on crisp, fresh veggies for lunch on Monday.  Not only are salads tasty, I have peace of mind knowing that I treated my body well.  Afterwards, there isn’t any lethargy; I can continue working without wanting to nod off at my desk.


When we treat our bodies right, it shows.  Our skin glows with radiant good health.  Our energy levels are high.  We don’t reach home fatigued after a decent day’s work.  Instead, we’re able to continue busying ourselves, moving about, preparing dinner, etc, without feeling burnt out.

Eating relatively healthy doesn’t entail having a boring diet.  We can eat a variety of foods and use various fresh ingredients when we cook out meals.  Most of the time, I have fresh food.  On weekends, yes, my man and I eat junk food as treats.  But that’s what treats are, right?  They’re not meant for daily consumption : )  Then on Mondays, during lunch, it’s salads again šŸ˜›

Wishing you fun,



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