Average American woman’s waist size

According to online publications, Ashley Graham’s waist circumference is 29 inches.  Tess Holliday’s is an eye-popping 49 inches!!! :O  It’s not surprising, then, that the plus size movement in the US is gaining such momentum and so quickly.  After all, the average American woman has a waist circumference of 34 inches.

I was telling my man about this and he replied, “That’s the size of my waist!  And right now, I’ve gained weight.”  It’s true.  As my man is busier with work (this is a hectic year), he has less time for running.  He used to run at least 3 times a week; now it’s down to once a week.  He tries to keep as active as he can, so, thank goodness, he hasn’t put on too much weight.

I share the types and amount of food I eat in this blog.  You can see it’s not little; in fact, my colleagues think I eat a lot!  My waist size is currently 24 inches, an inch wider than gorgeous Marilyn Monroe.  How in the world do women eat themselves into the size of a man?! :O


In the 1950s, the average American woman had a waist circumference of 23 inches.  Today, my waist size will have the plus size community screaming that I’m underweight and anorexic when I’ve shown that I’m anything but.  I’m not afraid of food and consume quite a lot of it compared to the average Asian woman.

If what the plus size community says is true, then the average American woman in the 1950s was malnourished and anorexic and we know that isn’t true!  The fact is, people lead far more sedentary lives now.  Instead of walking to the market for groceries, they hop into the car and drive, even for very short distances.

In the past, people got on all fours to wipe the floors of their homes with a wet rag.  They hand washed and scrubbed their clothes clean, then hung them out to dry.  They hand washed dirty dishes after meals.  Now, people use the vacuum cleaner (with water too!), washing machines for clothes and the dishwasher.  All these add up to far less calories burnt.


If you want to lose weight and don’t want to make the time specifically for exercise, how about going back to the way the older generation lived?  You use up far more energy for manual household chores than you know!  And perhaps, not only will you lose weight, you’ll reduce unhealthy visceral fat, which adds to your waist.

Wishing you fun,



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