Ways we cope with stress

As children, we enjoyed life without a care in the world.  Our worries only centred around whether or not our parents would discover what our mischief has led to!  As we grew into adults, our concerns increased exponentially.  Suddenly, we need to worry about our jobs, money, families, children, etc.

All these bring on stress.  Stress is extremely harmful to our bodies and causes illnesses and conditions which can be extremely hard to treat.  Fortunately, most human beings come equipped with our own coping mechanisms.  These activities release dopamine, that feel-good chemical we so desperately crave when stress brings on the blues.


Some binge/comfort eat; some go for a run; some, like Yen Ling and me, indulge in retail therapy.  Recently, Yen Ling has had to curb her spending as she wants to save up for her Perth trip in November – a birthday treat for her boyfriend : )  It’s been hell on my fellow shopaholic to resist all those pretty clothes! 😛

I’ve also had to limit my buying, but for an entirely different reason – there’s no more space for all those new pretty dresses!  Sure, I clear and give away the clothes I no longer wear to my cousin-in-law, but because there’re just too many gorgeous items, I end up buying more than I give away! 😛

Now that the fat western bully’s days with the organisation are numbered, perhaps there will be less of a need to indulge in retail therapy.  I sure hope so.  My man has been complaining about my ever-growing mountains of clothes 😛

What is your way of coping when stressed? : )  I hope it helps you.

Wishing you fun,



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