Rice does not make you fat!

Too many people have the misconception that carbohydrates are the cause of rising obesity levels.  This is wrong on so many levels.  Colleagues and friends used to think that I don’t consume any carbs in order to remain slender.  This cannot be further from the truth and I set them straight.

I shared this with them and I’ll share the same with you in this blog: carbs do NOT cause obesity.  You read right – carbs do NOT cause obesity.  If they do, why is it that, for so many decades, people ate rice, potatoes, etc, and they weren’t fat?  If they do, why is it that in Japan where people consume rice at every meal – yes, even for breakfast – obesity levels are still very low and manageable?


If carbs cause obesity, why do I eat them all the time and still manage to maintain a healthy weight?  People are under the false belief that chicken rice is fattening because the rice is cooked with chicken fat but that isn’t true!  If your eating habits are generally unhealthy, those are what make you obese, not carbs!

When I eat chicken rice, I frequently order an extra portion of chicken as well.  Andy was horrified when he realised just how much I eat.  None of those colleagues who’ve lunched with me will ever accuse me of under-eating.  They know just how much I shovel into this body.


In order to lead my active and hectic life, I need energy and lots of it.  Without carbs to fuel the body, I would feel tired all the time.  So don’t blame carbohydrates; they don’t deserve the lousy reputation.  Healthy carbs, yes, including rice, are what our bodies require to function.

Eat them.

Wishing you fun,



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