Stop comparing and live for you

The body positive community is right that many teenage girls suffer from body image issues after seeing airbrushed models’ photos in publications and in the media.  The reason is, they compare themselves to these gorgeous slim beauties and try to achieve the same figures by adopting unhealthy eating habits, i.e. starving themselves.

Much as I dislike the body positive activists who spread lies about eating healthy, I have to concede that negative body image issues can cause anorexia and bulimia, which are very dangerous to our health.  But how does one cultivate a positive body image when we’re bombarded by beautiful people everywhere?

The answer?  Stop comparing and live for you.  We aren’t all blessed with hourglass figures and that’s perfectly fine.  It’s what makes each of us unique individuals.  What we can do is to live life such that we’re always striving to be the very best we can be, regardless of whether it’s our health, our personalities, our work and our style.


I’m Asian.  Of course I will have an Asian lean physique.  I can never be a curvaceous Latina beauty and that’s perfectly fine!  It’s not going to make me miserable.  I do my best to eat moderately healthy.  I do my best to keep moderately active.  I do my best to fill my life with different interests and people.  I do my best to be as upbeat as possible.

Amanda, Michelle and Ms C loved comparing themselves with others.  Amanda would harp on about youth in front of me (oh please, like I would be jealous?).  Michelle would repeatedly tell my good friend, Ms Ah, that I’m shallow whereas she cultivates meaningful relationships and friendships (yah right?).  Ms C would ask Mr C whether he’s attracted to her face since he prefers my figure.

None of these women are truly positive.  By comparing themselves with me (and other women), they make themselves miserable because there’s always a sense of inadequacy.  Consequently, they need to brag that they’re awesome, confident, strong, independent, yadda yadda yadda, so as to convince themselves that they’re better.

But really, are they?

Food for thought.

Wishing you fun,



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