Clothes for skinny minnies

The Great Singapore Sale started at the end of May and will continue until early July.  During this period, I’ve been shopping up a storm and adding to my already bursting collection of dresses, skirts, skorts/shorts and tops!  Shopaholics will be shopaholics after all and there’s nothing that makes a shopaholic happier than scooping up some good deals 😛

I’ve been going a tad nuts over the lovely designs at Faire Belle and, honestly, can you blame me?  Their dresses and separates are so stylish, every woman who’s interested in fashion would be tempted to reach for her credit card and buy some of their items!

Their tasteful styles make hot summer fashion comfortable yet stylish and sexy!  I’m having a very hard time resisting those rompers, skorts and shorts!

Making casual sophisticated and chic is part of the Fairebelle charm!

I’ve already bought too many clothes to the point where my man is starting to complain that I’m buying too much 😛  But it’s impossible to pass up a good deal, especially when the sale items are really cute!  And then I’m tempted by stylish summer clothes like these… sigh 😛

And now… for what I bought!

All I can say is, when I received the dress, I was screaming with excitement.  It looks exactly like it does in the picture!

So what are you waiting for?  Grab your purse and do some serious wardrobe updating!

Wishing you fun,



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