Which celeb had the classiest response to body shaming?

Even our most beloved and gorgeous celebrities are susceptible to body shaming online.  Kelly Clarkson, Amy Schumer, Tess Holliday, Ashley Graham, Zendaya and even the most glamourous of them all – Taylor Swift -have been body shamed and all chose to react to the body shaming in their own way.

Amy Schumer and Tess Holliday chose to post photos of themselves in Instagram – in a swimsuit and exercising respectively – with a message to their shamers telling them that they’re confident, they’re proud of their bodies and they’re actually pretty healthy.

Zendaya opted to engage her slim shamer via Twitter and showed that just because she’s naturally thin doesn’t mean that she can be accused of being apoor role model for teenage girls.  Ashley Graham and Kelly Clarkson spoke to the media instead of addressing their attackers directly.


But Taylor Swift gets my vote for best and most classy response to Amy Schumer’s body shaming (tsk tsk, Amy!) because she didn’t even bother to react to Amy’s obvious play for attention and publicity.  She didn’t even dignify the slim shaming with a reply.

Her lack of a retort is the biggest slap in the face for the fame-desperate and fame-hungry and speaks volumes about her feelings towards what Amy thinks of her body – you’re not worth my time.  I loved it.  It was how I reacted to the local indian dude who body-shamed me as well!

It shows that Taylor Swift was completely unaffected by a nobody’s opinion of her gorgeous body.  She’s a very successful woman in her own right and has a glamourous posse to boot.  Amy who?  Yup, that’s what Taylor Swift’s lack of a response said, loud and clear.

Now that’s CLASSY.

Wishing you fun,



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