Eat clean, keep lean!

So the summer is well and truly upon us and in Singapore, it only means hotter days up ahead!  June usually brings with it some wonderful storms that provide us with some respite from the heat.  Then comes July and most people wither from the searing rays of the sun *bleah*

Summer brings to mind 2 words which the body positive community hates: BIKINI BODY.  Now that fat women aren’t afraid to loll around the pool and at the beach looking fashionable in their fatkinis, hopefully the bikini body won’t trigger poor body image issues soon enough.

For the rest of us who aren’t overly-sensitive and who’re confident enough with our figures, summer time is when we get to showcase the results of our efforts in crop tops, shorts and mini skirts (although I wear them all the time anyway :P) and sexy beachwear.


There’re many benefits to clean eating and 1 of them is, it isn’t difficult to maintain a healthy weight.  Add some physical activity and we can eat a whole lot more without obsessive worrying about calories!  Summer is also the best time for refreshing salads and icy cold fruit!

When I commented about healthy eating in 1 of the online articles, another replied that clean eating is just like praying for a miracle, i.e. it doesn’t happen.  But I’ve reaped enough benefits from adopting better eating habits to know what he said wasn’t true.

At the very least, eating well has kept me lean and active.  So while the plus sized girls look great in their fatkinis, I’ll be donning the traditional bikini by the pool or at the beach.  To each their own : )

Wishing you fun,



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