Chalet time! :D

As part of ongoing efforts to pamper me after what I’ve endured from the fat office bullies, my man got together his oldest brother and his family and some friends and organised a chalet stay at Cherryloft Resorts.  Boy did that give me something to look forward to after a long week! 😀


Nestled in a quiet and secluded corner in the far east of the tiny island of Singapore is this tranquil paradise.  Inside, the chalets are like miniature terrace houses where families gather to have barbeques, swim and relax.  Our stay coincided with the school holidays so there were tons of people there.  It was like being in a busy community!


Happy little bee! 😀

The men, bless them, carried the heavy items and did the dirty work of transferring the charcoal onto the barbeque pit.  We women performed our dainty and girly roles, of course.  It’s so nice to have our men take care of us : )  So when it was nearing the time for dinner, my man’s poor oldest brother did the sweaty work of cooking for everyone! 😛


Here’s only some of the food we ate.  There was much more, but by that time we had consumed too much beer for me to bother taking photos 😛





You know, like absolutely nothing healthy at all? 😛

After I was happy from drinking all that liquid sunshine and munching on all the food, it was time for bed.  My man stayed up a while longer to chat with friends.  He came to bed after they left and snuggled with me in the basic, cosy room.  It’s not anything like the hotels we’re used to, but it was sweet of him to organise something fun for me : )

And guess what?  The next morning… my tummy… looked like this!


Hang on, aren’t people supposed to magically morph into morbidly obese elephants after inhaling the scent of sinful food?  Take a look again!  Slightly different photo this time 😛


Ooops!  People don’t suddenly balloon into obesity just by having weekend indulgences and I indulge every week!


Take that, body positive liars!

Wishing you fun,



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