Body confidence is a result of effort

While I disagree with the fatlogic and unhealthy lifestyles which the body positive activists encourage, I do concede that the body positive community has benefited very much in terms of having more confidence, loving themselves and leading better quality lives.

It’s important for women to develop a spine so that they won’t suffer from panic attacks nor nervous breakdowns at the sight of gorgeous, lithe and toned supermodels.  Yes, these babes are genetically blessed.  They also work damn hard for their figures.  Instead of feeling jealous or inferior, I actually feel admiration for them and am inspired by them!

Cultivating such body confidence probably isn’t easy for most, but it isn’t impossible.  I think it has everything to do with effort and hard work.  I’m not talking about obsessive gym workouts and calorie-counting here.  What I’m referring to is the willpower to do something even better with our lives.


Although I dislike Ragen Chastain’s mean streak evident in her posts, I must concede that she’s still making an effort to be active by dancing and even trying out for the Iron Man challenge.  Although I disagree with Whitney Thore using her PCOS as an excuse for weight gain, she’s at least trying to move about – again by dancing.

Ashley Graham is plus size and brimming with confidence.  We can see that she has a very punishing fitness regime  too!  These women aren’t thin but they have something in common – they try to be active.  And, coincidentally, all of them are proud of their bodies!

We’re always proud of our efforts and the results, no matter how meagre the results may seem to others.  In the same way, it’s how I manage to retain body confidence even if I’m occasionally accused of suffering from anorexia (which is very funny, by the way, considering how much I eat :P).

Sure, most of us will never have the perfect body.  Ashley Graham most likely will never be petite.  I will never be as curvy as she is.  But both of us love our bodies and it shows!  Isn’t that a lot more fun than whining about poor body image?  Food for thought.

Wishing you fun,



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