Stop forcing your fat politics on us!

Look, I’ve stated many times over, but there’s no harm repeating it – I am not a fat shamer.  I don’t hate fat people.  I don’t condone humiliating and torturing them.  I think they deserve basic respect as human beings.  This must be said before I move on to address what is truly annoying.

Look, fat activists posing as body activists, I understand that you don’t wish to live in misery.  You don’t want to shut yourselves in your rooms and hide instead of going out and living life to the fullest.  You don’t want to be filled with self loathing.  You don’t want to be ridiculed and treated as subhumans.

I get that; I totally do and completely agree with you.  I’m filled with horror when I read about your suffering, when you write about strangers pelting you with eggs or throwing other objects at you.  You don’t deserve to be mooed nor oinked at when you dare to venture out of your homes.




Stop insisting that I must find fat beautiful.  I do not.

Stop insisting that I must find bodies that are fat and bodies that are of a healthy weight equally attractive.  I most definitely will not.

Stop insisting that women who wear a size 0 starve themselves or binge and purge.  I do not.

Stop insisting that I must agree that obesity can be healthy.  I will not.

Stop insisting that I must give you the same amount of attention and praise as bodies of healthy weight.  I cannot.

Stop insisting that I must abide by your rules regarding what to say or not say to you and how to cater to your delicate fee fees.  I cannot.

Stop insisting that I’m a hater or shamer when I disagree with you.  I am not.

Apart from these, I wholly support you when you want to be healthier for the sake of your loved ones.  I agree that you should be extended the same courtesy as everyone else.  I don’t believe in treating you as any less than a human being.  I will never harm you.  But I don’t like being dictated to, understand?

A relative who I love dearly got very ill because she abandoned her previous healthy eating habits and decided to live it up since she was older.  Wrong move.  We nearly lost her.  I almost went crazy with grief at the hospital.  The strokes haunt me to this very day, even though she’s now discharged from hospital and out of danger.

When you almost lose someone so important to you, you want to prevent others from suffering from the same fate.  This is the reason I’m doing this.  I bloody don’t want anyone to suffer the way she is still suffering.  So take your dumb fat politics elsewhere.  I will never agree to it, so let’s just agree to disagree like adults.

Wishing you fun,



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