How fashion can be all-inclusive

There have been calls to drop the plus, so that there is no longer the dichotomy between plus size and straight size women.  For a brief while, 2 ladies started the #droptheplus campaign, but it wasn’t popular enough to go viral.  In recent months, Ashley Graham has been very vocal about not wanting to be known as a plus size model and simply being called a model.

Other high-profile plus size bloggers voiced their disagreement in their blogs, including Fat Heffalump.  They rightly stated that they need to know where the plus size section is in shops and what shops cater to the plus size community so that they can maximise their shopping time.

I agree that the fashion industry shouldn’t #droptheplus.  Although I can see where Ashley Graham and those of her mindset are coming from, it just isn’t beneficial to the fat community.  Fashion can be all-inclusive if we look at it holistically instead of simply narrowing our views down to whether retailers are catering to plus sizes or not.


Simply put, it’s not feasible for retailers to lump all sizes together.  Imagine the mess and confusion shoppers will face when they want to try on clothes.  They’ll also wander into shops not knowing whether or not these shops cater strictly to straight size or plus size women!

Fashion can be made inclusive.  How?  When cute designs for straight size women are also available for plus sizes and vice versa. Straight size shops carry them for petite women and plus size shops for heavyweight beauties.  I’ve seen some of Ashley Graham’s swimwear and boy do I wish those designs are available in straight size shops!  They’re so darned sexy!

It’s wonderful that fat women can now choose from a variety of crop tops, high waist shorts, bodycon dresses, bandage dresses and colourful fatkinis.  There isn’t a need to #droptheplus.  As long as everyone gets to wear different styles together, fashion can still be inclusive and for all.

Wishing you fun,



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