The Rabbit Stash

Antho is a prominent lawyer and a good friend.  Due to his hectic schedule, we try to schedule catch ups whenever we can.  Lawyers have to attend trials on a regular basis; thus, whenever they can, they indulge in good food, good wine, good music and good company.  Antho is no different; plus he loves sexy women! 😛

For the record, my friend is married with a daughter.  He adores his beautiful wife and cherubic princess.  But like any man, he has platonic lady friends who help him unwind after a long trial.  This was a restaurant where he took his wife on a date and he knew he just HAD to take me there!



What a beautiful ambience!  The place was comfortably private on a weekday, so we had almost the entire place to ourselves when Antho took me here to sample the tasty  and exquisite cuisine!


Friends for 10 years now, Antho is as mischievous as ever!  Like any normal man, he appreciates women who take care of themselves.  It doesn’t mean we need to resemble Victoria’s Secret perfection; it just means that we ooze confidence and vitality like a normal, healthy human being.


We started with a chilled melon drink.


Followed by light and crispy wanton skins topped with tuna mousse and caviar and potato croquettes.


Smoked meatballs whetted our appetites for more!


A light and frothy truffle cappucino was delightful.


Melon balls topped with golden caviar, sundried tomatoes and egg yolk drops with crisp dehydrated kale.


Kill me delicious lobster bisque.


Cleansing our palates with sorbet topped with rice krispies.


Heavenly melt-in-your-mouth-tender lamb chops.


And a wonderful chocolate dessert!

Oh yes oh yes, there was dessert!  Did you think I wouldn’t touch it??? 😛  I told you so, just because one eats healthily doesn’t mean complete denial of decadent desserts!  It also doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice a healthy social life! : )  Now do you believe the HAES advocates’ lies?

During lunch, Antho admired photos I’d taken of my progress relating to healthy living.  He agreed that being healthy is part and parcel of leading a quality life.  Nothing is out-of-bounds nor banned; one only needs to consume in moderation and everything will be fine.


ALL men, regardless of whether they’re married or not, admire women with discipline.  It’s the traits and values that they care about, not so much perfect physiques.  Antho is completely in love with his wife, but that didn’t stop him from paying me compliments.  What is wrong with that?

Nothing.  And you know what?  It makes me feel damn good.

Wishing you fun,



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