Clothes for skinny minnies

If you’ve drooled over the fashion entries, it’s time to lust after some Korean styles! : )  Korean clothes are very good quality and last for quite some time.  You’ve probably seen enough dresses, so let’s take a look at skirts this time : )  I’m a huge fan of girly skirts too!

Pomelo Fashion has quite a good range of dresses and separates.  Whenever I visit the website, it’s so hard to decide what I want because there’re just too many that I’m tempted to buy 😛  Usually, I end up purchasing far too many items 😛  Take a look for yourself!

Yes, who wears denim skirts anymore, right?  But how do you resist them when they’re this cute?

I like the fact that there’s some colour : )  It’s very hard looking at these items and refrain from buying 😛

Korea, like Japan and Hong Kong, is a very dressy society.  American fat feminists will refer to it as ‘lookism’ but that’s reality.  Singapore is at least more tolerant regarding appearances.  Pop by the website if you want to see more.  They have some fabulous dresses as well : )

Wishing you fun,



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