Political correctness – the ‘don’t hurt my fee fees!’ syndrome

During the times I spent in the US – both residing there and short visits – I fell in love with the friendly people, the culture, the food and, of course, the wonderful fashion!  It was glamourous, it was exciting, it was fast-paced and it was a fascinating eye-opener for lil’ ol’ me!

Although it’s been years since I stayed there, I remember everything with fondness.  However, as I read more and more about body positivity, fat acceptance, new-age feminism and social justice, I realise, with dismay, that everything I loved about America is fast disappearing.

The US was what brought us beloved comedy sitcoms like Friends and Will & Grace.  Even Ally McBeal contained doses of humour that raised many a chuckle.  Political correctness wasn’t so rampant then and, honestly, it was way more fun.  If I’d only visited the country now, I probably wouldn’t like it at all.


In today’s politically correct climate, one can unintentionally hurt somebody else’s fee fees simply by existing.  Slender women certainly do; just look at the hoohaa surrounding Protein World when it erected the controversial ad billboard in New York!  The same went for its 2016 New Year advertisement.

You can’t call an obese person ‘obese’, because… fee fees.  You can’t say a person’s lifestyle is unhealthy because… fee fees.  You can’t point out a person’s yucky dress sense highlighting figure flaws and hugely obvious visible belly outlines because… fee fees.

And God forbid you correctly state that Ashley Graham, Amy Schumer, Whitney Thore and Tess Holliday are fat!  Watch out as the witches shriek their lungs out at you!  In this day and age, nothing is funny anymore.  You can’t make fun of anything because somebody’s delicate fee fees will be hurt.

I loved America.  Alas, I don’t like the millenials’ attitude.  If you can’t say this and you can’t say that, your freedom is taken away from you.  Isn’t that worse than prison life?

Wishing you fun,



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