Fat people are not dumber

There are studies which claim that slim people are smarter than fat ones.  Naturally, the fat community was offended by the findings and wrote many retaliatory articles pointing out the flaws in the studies and the experiments they conducted.  I don’t blame them; nobody wants to be called stupid.

Are the studies correct?  Personally, I don’t think so.  They left out a very important factor when they carried out the experiments with fat and slim people – lethargy.  There’re days when my man has to sacrifice sleep due to his work.  Sometimes he goes without rest for more than 24 hours.

By the time my man gets home, he has delayed reactions to what I say to him.  His mind doesn’t process the words well and it takes longer for him to actually comprehend the meaning behind my words.  Conversely, when he’s well rested, his mind is quick, agile and he responds immediately when we talk.


The people who conducted the experiments didn’t say whether those who took part had just eaten, what they’d consumed and whether they were fatigued.  Generally, fat people get tired more easily and quicker than slim people, so that could’ve been a contributing factor to the results of those studies.

I don’t think fat people are stupid.  After all, many who’re overweight can also be rich and successful.  The studies are inherently flawed and the fat community is justifiably angry at being called stupid because of their weight.  It’s just another example of prejudice they preach about.

However, it is important to lead healthy lives because that leads to healthy minds.  When we consume proper foods that provide our bodies with nutrients, we think quicker, we react faster and we’re better decision-makers too.  Healthy bodies, healthy minds.  This should be encouraged instead.

Wishing you fun,



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