#trigglypuff – this is what a social justice warrior looks like

In April this year, a video about a social justice warrior went viral.  It took place at a university in the US where 3 speakers were addressing the students at an event known as #thetriggering.  Ms Coral Segal attended it and was captured at her most unglamourous – being rude and behaving like a spoiled brat.

Somebody filmed her rant and posted it in Youtube.  It spawned plenty of memes, including a creative one where drums were inserted so she looked like she was banging on them instead of flapping her arms the way a toddler does when it throws a huge tantrum.

Many otherwise sane people (read: not SJWs) have commented negatively on her weight.  While people have spoken against body shaming and unrealistic beauty standards, I’ve always held the belief that what is internal is reflected externally.  Call me shallow, but I don’t care and I’ve written about it as well.

It is my view that if somebody harbours animosity towards everyone else and projects his/her hatred onto society long enough, it manifests in a very unpleasant face with a mean streak.  Ragen Chastain and Fat Heffalump are examples whereas Ashley Graham looks like a very pleasant and approachable person, size aside.


Similarly, to me and many others who share the same belief, Ms Segal’s lack of grooming and unrefined behaviour smacks of lack of self respect.  She doesn’t care how she looks to others around her.  She doesn’t take care of herself enough to develop basic manners.

Like many other social justice warriors, Ms Segal seems to be easily triggered into a huge rant and rave over the most trivial things – simply because she doesn’t agree with another’s views.  As far as I can see, her unpleasantness is written all over her aggressive features and behaviour.

Because of this, the internet has christianed her ‘TrigglyPuff’.  And you know what?  I fully agree with them.  When the video first went viral, I thought of writing about her.  But in order to be objective and not swayed by the many posts already written about her, I decided to wait a bit.

I’m glad I did.

Wishing you fun,



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