Brighter wardrobe, brighter days!

Our individual styles are part of who we are.  Whilst Yen Ling and I adore bodycon dress and other fitted apparel, our tastes differ in terms of patterns, fabric and designs.  We match our clothes with different shoes, bags and accessories.  She has far more accessories than I do!

Some people prefer darker and more sombre colours.  That’s perfectly fine; they’re more slimming after all.  Me?  Perhaps it’s a touch of flamboyance, but I like colour.  Candy hues perk up my mood and make me more mischievous at work.  They help me inject more play in the office to ease the stress.

My outfits get more colourful as the weekend draws nearer; it’s like the enthusiasm for more leisure time builds more and more as the stress accumulates!  I like a touch of fun in everything I do and that extends to what is in my wardrobes 😛  There’re tons of dresses and separates to mix things up everyday!


Moreover, when you’ve made the effort to lead a healthier lifestyle, you’ll feel more confident in whatever you wear, hence the tendency to shop up a storm from time to time.  It’s great to pair different tops with different bottoms to achieve a variety of looks for any occasion!

Of course, having mountains of clothes makes it difficult to find a particular dress you want to wear on a specific day.  You really need to comb through everything in order to find it 😛  But hey, it helps to prevent boredom for yourself and those around you!  Plus, our clothes can be great conversation starters too!

So have fun with your clothes.  Indulge your vanity from time to time.  After all, life is for living and fashion forms part of living! 😛

Wishing you fun,



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