Clothes for skinny minnies

Hopping over to Her Velvet Vase, I spy, with my little eye, tons of attractive frocks that will take you from work to dinner!  Feminine, sexy yet not trashy at all, these gorgeous dresses have me drooling like crazy!  I’ve bought some flattering bodycon dresses here and was delighted by the fit!

The sale items were so darned cheap, there was no resisting them.  I pulled out my wallet and got into serious purchasing business! 😛  Yeah, this is how I amassed mountains of clothes.  My man has been complaining about how much space they’re taking, but a girl needs her pretty stuff, right? 😛

Sometimes I don’t mind if clothes sell out online, because many buyers make impulse buys without considering the measurements.  They then try to sell them off at much lower prices elsewhere.  That’s where I scoop up some fantastic steals! 😛  So I just wait and check the other individual seller platforms 😛

If you liked these, there’re many more designs available at the website, so spend an hour or 2 there browsing and pondering whether or not to buy them!  Enjoy!

Wishing you fun,



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