Be thankful for what you have

Sometimes it’s easy to take our partners for granted, especially when we’ve been with them for some time.  Thus, when we see our friends being treated like crap by jerks, it’s a timely reminder to cherish our partners for sticking by us through tough times and taking care of us so well.


Despite what feminists preach about misogyny, the fact remains that we women like being pampered by our partners and they, in turn, appreciate what we bring to their lives.  My man and I have a mostly wonderful strong bond, but seeing the crappy way Mr C treated Ms C made me cherish my man all the more.


When Ms C was sick, instead of keeping her company, Mr C simply stayed at home.  He only contacted her when he wanted a lift home from work.  My man takes me to the doctor when I’m sick and fusses over me.  He ensures I have nutritious food and gives me massages when I develop flu body aches.


Mr C has to be forced to buy Ms C a nice meal.  He only does so when they argue and he needs something from her.  Otherwise, he’s quite happy to let her pay for everything.  He goes to her home, lets her cook and serve him and helps himself to beverages, but doesn’t offer to replenish them.  She has to literally force him to buy them for her!


In contrast, my man is happy to spoil me with yummy meals from time to time and especially when I’m stressed out.  I’m grateful that he’s my rock.  So here was what he ordered for me : )  Siew mai, roasted meats and salted egg yolk prawns.  All my favourites!  Why would I not adore him? : )

It’s important to choose the right man, but even more important, we need to know how to treat them right.  This is what feminists don’t understand, which results in tons of man-bashing because men can’t stand domineering and bossy women.  When treated right, most men will stay.  Why wouldn’t they?

Wishing you fun,



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